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Anml Fury E-juice

  • Anml Fury E-juice
    Anml Fury E-juice
    ANML Fury E-Juice OverviewANML skillfully mixes creativity and ingenuity, combining a blissful Sugar-Frosted cereal taste that's smothered in Premium Whole Milk. Fury E-Juice offers a smooth, indulgent vape that is full-bodied and delicious on the inhale, yet crisp and crunchy on the exhale. In a world where we have literally thousands of different cereal E-Juices to choose from, ANML stepped forward to show us why our search stops here. Created by Mixologist Phillip Rocke, you can be certain that only the highest quality ingredients were used to bring you this premium vaping experience. Let the vape juice speak for itself and see why we aren't saying it's "just good" but "Grrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!"If you enjoy cereal flavors, be sure to take a look at "ANML - Looper" vape juice, a fan-favorite e-liquid that provides the trademark cereal flavor we all know and love with an extra emphasis on a smooth Lemon, fruit-loop taste.Primary Flavor: Milk, Cereal, Frosted FlakesPG/VG Ratio: 20/80
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