Eureka Fuzzy Menthol E-juice

  • Eureka Fuzzy Menthol E-juice
    Eureka Fuzzy Menthol E-juice
    Eureka Fuzzy Menthol E-Juice OverviewEureka Fuzzy Menthol E-Juice combines fresh Mango, sweet Peaches, smooth Vanilla and Menthol to replicate a popular after-school fruit cup snack with an added hint of refreshing mint. Relive the good-old-days when summer lasted a lifetime and riding our bike was the only thought on our mind with Fuzzy Menthol E-Juice by Eureka. Eureka Fuzzy Menthol vape juice is like summertime fun in a bottle, with endless days of sunshine and a cool breeze to your back. Mango, Peach, Vanilla and Menthol artfully combined to create a refreshing e-juice treat, a refreshing fruit cup snack of epic flavor proportion brought to you by Eureka Fuzzy Menthol E-Juice.Primary Flavors: Mango, Peach, Vanilla, MentholPG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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