Local 773 Portage Park E-juice

  • Local 773 Portage Park E-juice
    Local 773 Portage Park E-juice
    Local 773 Portage Park E-Juice OverviewLocal 773 crafts a rich, sweet and creamy custard vape with Portage Park E-Juice. This delicious blend of savory custard and mild cream is tuned just right to satisfy the beating drum of your insatiable appetite. Local 773 makes a bold statement with their newest Portage Park vape juice. In a world with a zillion different custard flavors, Local 773 lets us know that we need not search any longer for that perfect mixture of rich and creamy. Consider yourself warned: Portage Park is a savory delight that becomes undoubtedly hard to put down. Upon first vape, the smooth vanilla tickles the senses. Upon exhale, you're greeted with that creamy sensation that embodies a pure creme de la creme. As a genuine staple in the hallmark of smooth Custard vape, just one vape in Portage Park and you might be moving to Chicago for good.Primary Flavors: Cream, CustardPG/VG Ratio: 25/75
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