Anml Unleashed Slash E-juice

  • Anml Unleashed Slash E-juice
    Anml Unleashed Slash E-juice
    ANML Unleashed Slash E-Juice OverviewANML Unleashed - Slash e-liquid is an extra-creamy, lemon-laden vape juice that harnesses some of ANML's most impressive flavor combinations to date. This decadent flavor experience touches mouthwatering notes of Lemon-infused Vanilla Custard while promoting a subtle Graham Cracker crust that weaves effortlessly throughout each vape. Slash e-liquid provides a smooth vaping experience from first vape 'till last and becomes dangerously hard to put down. If you are drawn to rich Lemon/Vanilla vape juice flavors, be sure to check out Transistor - Rocket Reloaded for a similar flavor experience that's just too good to pass up! Primary Flavor: Lemon, Creamy Vanilla Custard, Graham Cracker CrustPG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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