Anml Unleashed Wolfpack E-juice

  • Anml Unleashed Wolfpack E-juice
    Anml Unleashed Wolfpack E-juice
    ANML Unleashed Wolfpack E-Juice OverviewANML's beastly line of Unleashed vape juice turns the flavor up a notch, delivering unbridled tones of exotic flavors that leave a lasting impression on any tastebuds that can withstand the beast. Wolfpack E-juice provides a delightful conglomeration of freshly ripened Raspberries that have been drenched in a rich and savory Cream, offering the perfect balance of sweetened tarty goodness. To top this all-day-vape off, ANML includes mild Citrus notes from the infamous Blood Orange that will satisfy even the most ruthless appetite. Primary Flavor: Sweet Raspberry, Rich Cream, Citrus, OrangePG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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