Aspire Nautilus 2 Sub-ohm Tank

  • Aspire Nautilus 2 Sub-ohm Tank
    Aspire Nautilus 2 Sub-ohm Tank
    Aspire Nautilus 2 Sub-Ohm Tank OverviewAspire is back and better than ever, bringing us the highly-anticipated Nautilus 2 Sub-Ohm Tank for our new-and-improved all day vaping pleasure! The Nautilus 2 Tank is the latest mouth to lung (MTL) tank in Aspire's Nautilus series, completely redesigning and improving upon the original design. The Nautilus 2 promotes a sturdy construction, measuring at 53mm tall by 22mm wide, and features a top filling mechanism that's capable of holding 2mL of e-juice. Preinstalled in the Nautilus 2 is a 1.8 ohm BVC atomizer head (best used between 10 to 14w) and Aspire also includes a replacement 0.7 ohm BVC coil head (best when used between 18 to 23 watts). The Nautilus 2 tank is capable of catering to a wide range of different vape styles and is fully functional with Aspire's early models of their Nautilus 1 coils. This retroactive coil head functionality provides a vast selection of pre-built atomizer heads and offers a broad level of user-customization. The Nautilus 2 tank features a quality Stainless Steel construction and is equipped with a Pyrex glass e-juice reservoir that eliminates heat build-up, while effectively dissipating any excess heat that may result from vaping at higher wattages.Aspire's new-and-improved Nautilus 2 also features an adjustable airflow control ring that sits at the base of the tank, providing the user with complete airflow control for user-customization. The airflow control collar offers five individual air inlets that differ in size, promoting a restricted, tight draw for Mouth-to-Lung vapers, or an airy wide-open draw for Direct-to-Lung vapers. This vast array of airflow control options spans across virtually every vaping style to ensure the Nautilus 2 tank provides the perfect vape, every time. The Nautilus 2 offers a snug chimney design that pairs remarkably well with its small drip tip construction, ultimately minimizing the distance the airflow must travel to produce an overall more flavorful and enjoyable vaping experience. The Nautilus 2 features two main color styles: Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The Anodized Aluminum version of the Nautilus 2 is available in Black, Red, and Gray finishes.The sophisticated look and feel of the Nautilus 2 will surely stand out in a crowd, providing one of Aspire's most well-designed tanks ever released to the vape community. If you loved the original Nautilus tank or are looking for a new sub-ohm tank that's capable of producing incredible flavor, look no further than Aspire's premier Nautilus 2 Sub-Ohm Tank! SMOKTech Spirals Sub-Ohm Tank FeaturesDimensions: 22 x 53mmConstruction: Stainless Steel/Aluminum and Pyrex GlassGlass Tank with Metal SleeveTop Filling System with Metal SleeveTank Capacity: 2mL5 Adjustable Airflow SettingsShorter Chimney for Better FlavorCompatible with the Original Aspire Nautilus BVC Vape CoilsColor: Black, Stainless SteelSMOKTech Spirals Sub-Ohm Tank Content1 x Nautilus 2 Tank1 x 0.7 ohm BVC Vape Coil (Pre-Installed)1 x 1.8 ohm BVC MTL Vape Coil1 x Replacement Glass Tube1 x Extra Drip Tip1 x User ManualSet of O-Rings Additional Information:Aspire has long been known for the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini tank, both still very popular for Mouth to Lung users, and seeks to fill the current generation of technology catered to the same crowds. The Nautilus 2 has been restructured to bring it up-to-date for current vaping technology, while keeping its trademark "Mouth-to-Lung vaping" as solid as before. Packaged inside the box is: A limited warranty card, User Manual, Nautilus 2 Tank with a 1.8 ohm BVC coil pre-installed, replacement 0.7 ohm BVC coil, replacement section of Pyrex glass, eight spare o-rings for the seals on the tank, and an extra drip tip. Aspire has covered the user with enough spare parts to handle virtually any situation that may arise while vaping.The Nautilus 2 tank keeps the Mouth to Lung foundation that the Nautilus series is known for. At the forefront, while innovating the tank design and taking it to a higher level, the Aspire Nautilus 2 is something extraordinary. The food grade Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass construction ensure quality, stability, and safety. Clocking in at only 55mm tall by 22mm wide, the Nautilus 2 appears to be significantly smaller than many tanks on the market today; however, do not let the small stature fool you, as this device is packed with features and designed to facilitate ease of use while promoting superb quality. The Nautilus 2 holds 2mL of juice within the replaceable Pyrex Glass tube and features a wonderful top-filling system that's easy and intuitive to fill. The form, function, and e-juice capacity make this tank TPD compliant, ensuring all users have access to this superb Mouth-to-Lung tank. The first step to filling the Nautilus 2 is to grab the top cap and twist in a counterclockwise direction. The top piece of the Nautilus will begin to unscrew from the threads on the top of the coil, and once released, the entire metal shielding of the tank will be removable. With the top cap removed, you'll have base of the tank with the Pyrex Tube and Atomizer attached. Simply fill the tank with your favorite e-juice and then return the top cap to the device and screw it back down in a clockwise motion. This feature of the tank also allows quick and easy replacement of the Pyrex Glass tube if the previous glass shatters or needs to be replaced. The base of the Nautilus 2 holds the airflow adjustment ring and is equipped with five airflow holes of varied sizes. Adjusting the draw strength with the airflow ring is as simple as grabbing the ring and turning it to the side.This small feature enables the user to accurately fine-tune their vaping experience, and is capable of providing a restricted, flavor-filled vape for the tighter "Mouth-to-Lung" vaping style, or a wide-open and airy vape for those that enjoy blowing billowing clouds. The Nautilus 2 ushered in some new updates to the BVC coils as well, though the tank is still compatible with all previous versions of the original Nautilus BVC series of coils. Included with the tank is the preinstalled 1.8 ohm BVC atomizer head that supports a best use wattage between 10-14W, as well as the 0.7 ohm BVC coil head that's designed for best use between 18- 23W. The 1.8 ohm BVC coil has been designed to maximize flavor while lowering juice consumption and extending the coil's overall lifespan. The replacement 0.7 ohm BVC atomizer head caters to the sub-ohm crowd and provides the rare Mouth-to-Lung experience for those that are looking for a remarkable MTL experience at sub-ohm levels. The BVC coil assembly features threading on the top and bottom of the tank, and the BVC atomizer head provides a large part of the tank's chimney, thus reducing the time it takes for the vapor to reach the users' lungs and increasing the tanks overall flavor production. The removable drip tip on top of the tank is designed with a lower profile to offer a tank that is capable of delivering moderate vapor production while producing maximum flavor with every puff. It is recommended with both of these atomizer heads to use a 50/50 ratio of VG/PG or a 70/30 blend. Designed for a smooth Mouth-to-Lung hits, the Nautilus 2 functions at its absolute best when used with thinner blends of e-liquids that aren't mixed with large amounts of VG. However, thicker e-liquids that contain max VG or heavy VG can be used, although heavier VG e-liquids will shorten the coil's lifespan. The Nautilus 2 comes in two different varieties, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum. The Stainless Steel is bright and polished with a matching drip tip. The Anodized Aluminum comes in three different colors: Red, Black (Included is a matching Black drip tip), and Gray. The striking design and color schemes Aspire has given to the sleek and small structured Nautilus 2 leave them glowing with function and form. Aspire seeks to bring variety to the Mouth-to-Lung market with the Nautilus 2 tank and has done a tremendous job creating this fantastic work of art. This tank holds a variety of resistance ranges with the BVC Coils Aspire has put out. The Nautilus 2 tank is one of the best performing tanks with options for both Pro and Sub ohm Mouth to Lung vaping.
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