Daedalus Clapton Wire With Diy Tool By Avidartisan

  • Daedalus Clapton Wire With Diy Tool By Avidartisan
    Daedalus Clapton Wire With Diy Tool By Avidartisan
    Daedalus Clapton Wire with DIY Tool by Avidartisan OverviewThe Daedalus Clapton Wire DIY Tool is a coil makers dream come true when it comes to wrapping remarkably tight Clapton coils with ultimate ease. But why stop there? In addition to your traditional Clapton wire, the Daedalus DIY tool will help you construct your very own flat Clapton coils, staple Clapton coils, fused Clapton coils, Alien Clapton coils, the list is literally as long as your creativity will take you. Avidartisan beckons fellow DIY'ers to "subvert your imagination" and create serious works of art. If you're looking to save a buck, Avidartisan's Daedalus Clapton Wire DIY Tool is all you need to stop buying pre-wrapped Clapton coils and start creating your very own true coil art. This kit includes the magical Clapton tool, swivel coastlock, Daedalus body, smart coil jig, tool clamp, screw nut, spring and an instruction manual. Daedalus Clapton Wire with DIY Tool by Avidartisan Content2 x Magical Clapton Tool2 x Swivel Coastlock1 x Smart Coil Jig1 x Daedalus body1 x Tool Clamp2 x Screw Nuts2 x Springs1 x User Manual Additional Information:Avid Artisan's Daedalus DIY Clapton Wire Tool is the only thing you'll ever need to wrap perfect Clapton coils quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, the combinations of different Clapton wires are virtually endless. With a few spools of wire and a little bit of creativity, the sky is the limit with this intuitive Clapton tool.Inside the box, Avid Artisan provides the Daedalus Motor and a Quick Guide with detailed instructions on how to set up the Daedalus tool. The Quick Guide also includes in-depth instructions on how to wrap two of the most popular Clapton coil builds used in the vape community. Avid Artisan also provides the Clapton coil motor, tool clamp, two swivel coast locks, two springs, two screw nuts, a 26g and 28g magical Clapton wire tool, smart coil jig and a replacement wire feed for the smart coil jig.The motor is fueled by two 18650 batteries (not included) and features a chuck clamp that opens and closes with a few simple twists. On one side of the motor you'll find an adjustable speed wheel that doubles as an on/off switch, and on the other side you'll see a rocker switch that changes the direction the motor will be spinning.Clapton coils, when wrapped properly, can be indistinguishable from a traditional guitar string. The thicker gauged strings on a guitar are comprised of two separate wires that differ in size. The inner wire, or "core" wire, is generally thicker than the second wire that's tightly wrapped around it. Before you start purchasing wires and begin building your very own Clapton coils, you should determine a target resistance that will work best with your current setup. The Steam-Engine.org website is a useful tool when determining which wire gauges will work best for your target resistance.Avid Artisan's new DIY Daedalus Clapton Wire Tool provides an easy solution to the complex problem of wrapping perfect Clapton Coils. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced DIY coil builder or a novice that's looking to learn a new skill, Avid Artisan's Daedalus Tool is intuitive and fun, fueling endless hours of nearly limitless creativity.
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