Beard Vape Green E-juice

  • Beard Vape Green E-juice
    Beard Vape Green E-juice
    Beard Vape Green E-Juice OverviewBeard Vape Co's Green e-liquid continues to build off of Beard's deliciously "colorful" fruity platform, merging two classic vape juice flavors to provide a highly enjoyable and unforgettable vaping experience! Green e-juice begins with a rich and silky-smooth Custard base that's rich with flavor and teeming with potential. These lavish Custard layers set the foundation for a distinct Honeydew Melon to shine through, adding a juicy twist to the traditional sweet-treat that becomes dangerously hard to put down. If you're looking for a unique fruit flavor that delivers the best of both worlds, Beard Vape Co's Green e-juice arrives in 60mL bottles for your all day vaping pleasure! Primary Flavors: Custard, Honeydew MelonPG/VG Ratio: 20/80
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