Beard Vape No. 05 E-juice

  • Beard Vape No. 05 E-juice
    Beard Vape No. 05 E-juice
    Beard Vape No. 05 E-Juice OverviewBeard Vape No. 05 provides an incredible 40/60 mixture of two rich flavors that taste like they were created for one another. Here we have an unmistakable New York Cheesecake flavor that offers an irresistibly decadent- yet surprisingly smooth- satisfaction that drives deep into the sweet tooth. Top this savory masterpiece off with a handful of fresh strawberries and you have Beard Vape No. 05: A complimentary dessert fashioned vape juice that will be contending for your next spot in the all-day-vape spotlight!Primary Flavors: strawberries, CheesecakePG/VG Ratio: 40/60
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