Bombies Kiss The Ring E-juice

  • Bombies Kiss The Ring E-juice
    Bombies Kiss The Ring E-juice
    Bombies Kiss The Ring E-Juice OverviewBombies latest Kiss the Ring vape juice provides a dynamic concoction of rare ingredients that'll keep you guessing from first vape till last! This tantalizing mixture of creamy, custardy goodness uses exotic fruits to extract a full-bodied flavor that only gets better as time goes on. Upon first vape, subdued hints of seasonal blueberries make an early appearance, followed by flavorful notes of nature's finest bananas. During the exhale, A classical custard flavor interweaves these exotic fruits together, engulfing the taste buds in pure Bombies bliss, leaving our sweet-tooth craving more! If you're looking for new and unique e-liquid that offers the best of both worlds, Kiss The Ring delivers a fruity fulfillment with unmatched sugary satisfaction!Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard, FruitPG/VG Ratio: 20/80
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