Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve E-juice

  • Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve E-juice
    Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve E-juice
    Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve E-Juice OverviewFive Pawns reverts back to an ancient tradition to age their Castle Long Reserve Limited Edition V E-Juice. This premier vape juice is steeped and aged in a treated Oak Barrel for three weeks before being extracted and filtered through a proprietary filtration process. Castle Long Reserve is a master-crafted combination of Coconut, French Vanilla, Roasted Almond, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Brown Sugar. Since Five Pawns ages this E-Juice in a treated Oak Barrel, each vape is greeted with a subtle background taste that's reminiscent of high-quality single malt whiskey. The French Vanilla pairs wonderfully with the Roasted Almonds, bringing a smooth and creamy nut flavor that is comforting as well as satisfying. The distinct Coconut flavor ties directly into the background elements of Kentucky Charred Bourbon, creating a unique twist to the oak barrel flavor and giving us a vape unlike any other. Five Pawns has brought us a truly unique vaping experience that cannot be compared to any other E-Juice on the market today. Castle Long Reserve Limited Edition V E-Juice will only be around for a limited time. Act fast and order your E-Juice today!Primary Flavors: Coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, 2x vanilla (Madagascar vanilla bean, French Vanilla) Kentucky Bourbon and charred oak.Five Pawns E-Juice StoryThe official dictionary definition defines a Pawn as: 2. (noun) Someone or something who is used or manipulated to further another person's purposes. Five Pawns E-Juice much like the "pawn". It's fitting that the game of chess (a sophisticated and complex game) uses the pawn. The pawn moves only forward and is often sacrificed (much like our vape juice). Five Pawns started with five complex and sophisticated flavors (although there are over ten flavors). Additionally, there are five traditional tastes known to man; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). Five Pawn's initial offering (Signature Series) has a flavor that satisfies one of each of the five tastes. Hence the name Five Pawns and "It's your move"".
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