Taken Three Isolani E-juice By Five Pawns

  • Taken Three Isolani E-juice By Five Pawns
    Taken Three Isolani E-juice By Five Pawns
    Taken Three Isolani E-Juice by Five Pawns OverviewFive Pawns captured a magical essence and bottled up decades worth of summer nostalgia in their all-new vape juice Isolani. Isolani is a Lemon Zest Sugar Cookie E-Juice that summons memories of glorious summer nights at the beach and a gentle summer breeze. The Lemon Zest infused with this E-Juice provides a soothing lemony vape that gently massages the taste-buds without being completely overwhelming. The Sugar Cookie rounds off the vape, completing the circle with a rich creaminess that softens the bright Lemon Zest. These two flavors combined provide a magical experience that soothes the mind and calms the soul. If you're looking for a satisfying E-Juice that offers refreshing hints of lemon as well as creamy undertones of a rich sugar cookie, Isolani becomes the new all day vape that's incredibly hard to put down.Primary Flavors: Lemon Zest, Sugar CookiePG/VG Ratio: 35/65Five Pawns wanted to take a different approach to creating E-Juice without drastically changing their signature recipe. Taken Three is the side project of Five Pawns that uses a higher VG content in the E-Juice, creating thicker clouds and creating an all-around smoother vaping experience.
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