Taken Three Kibitzer E-juice By Five Pawns

  • Taken Three Kibitzer E-juice By Five Pawns
    Taken Three Kibitzer E-juice By Five Pawns
    Taken Three Kibitzer E-Juice by Five Pawns OverviewIt's time to bust out the Lei and a tropical Hawaiian T-shirt; Five Pawns is taking us to a tropical paradise and turning our world upside-down. Introducing Kibitzer: A tempting Pineapple Upside-Down Cake E-Juice that has been grilled to perfection. Kibitzer is a layered vape that combines two of the most popular genres of E-Juice offered today. Upon first vape, the sugary presence of the upside-down cake is most notable. Hanging out in the background is a robust, juicy pineapple sweetness that adds depth and blasts us off into upside-down cake paradise. Never before has such lavish layers of cake and fruit blended together so wondrously! If you are looking for a fruity flavor vape juice that can also satisfy your sweet tooth, Kibitzer is the juice for you! Primary Flavors: Pineapple, CakePG/VG Ratio: 35/65Five Pawns wanted to take a different approach to creating E-Juice without drastically changing their signature recipe. Taken Three is the side project of Five Pawns that uses a higher VG content in the E-Juice, creating thicker clouds and creating an all-around smoother vaping experience.
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