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Glazed Filled E-juice

  • Glazed Filled E-juice
    Glazed Filled E-juice
    Glazed Filled E-JuiceThe guys at Glazed thought about what they could do to make their flagship E-Juice "Glazed" even better, so they injected Raspberry filling into their world-famous Glazed Donuts and created a mouth-watering masterpiece. Filled is a delicious testament that you can take something great and make it even greater with just a little bit of Raspberry filling. Upon first vape you experience a light, sugary glazed taste with strong Berry overtones. During the exhale, a full-bodied flavor comes into focus and a 70/30 ratio of Raspberry/Glazed Donuts rewards your taste-buds. These juicy Raspberries bring a fresh, flavorful, refreshing addition to a vape juice that was already perfect. Combined with the original Glazed recipe, and we have an E-Juice that is going to delight the masses for generations to come.Primary Flavors: Glazed Donut, RaspberryPG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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