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Glazed Glazed E-juice

  • Glazed Glazed E-juice
    Glazed Glazed E-juice
    Glazed Glazed E-JuiceGlazed has successfully melted down your favorite Glazed Donut and bottled up its gooey essence for all our guilty vaping pleasures. Indulge in a bakery fresh, sweet and sugary Glazed Donut E-Juice that will cure your hunger for those early morning pastries. Glazed perfectly reproduces the sensation of taking a dozen fresh baked Glazed Donuts and shoving them all in your mouth at once with their flagship "Glazed" E-Juice. Upon first vape you're welcomed with a rich, warm and gooey taste that could only be described as "fresh out of the oven." As you exhale, reality sets in and you realize that you just successfully vaped a Glazed Donut without consuming any calories. Glazed is truly a warm and fresh classic Donut experience that will certainly satisfy your guilty pleasures. Glazed vape juice is a 30/70 blend that comes in a 100ml bottle.Primary Flavors: Glazed Donut, SugarPG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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