Ijoy Tss Replacement Coil

  • Ijoy Tss Replacement Coil
    Ijoy Tss Replacement Coil
    iJoy TSS Replacement Coil OverviewiJoy's replacement TSS coils utilize groundbreaking coil technology that allow us to experience the supreme convenience of a pre-made coil, the wide surface area of a Clapton coil and the quick ramp-up time of a traditional coil. These TSS coils implement two different types of metal to bring us a truly magnificent vaping experience. The barrel structure of these coils are constructed with high grade Stainless Steel that heats evenly across its wide surface area. The legs on the TSS coils are made out of Nickel and soldered onto each coil individually. The Nickel legs provide outstanding conductivity and allow the coil to operate in Temperature Control Mode. iJoy is dramatically changing the way we vape, one coil at a time. Check out the TSS coils today and experience the latest and greatest in coil building technology! iJoy TSS Replacement Coil FeaturesStainless Steel Heating ElementResistance: 0.25 ohmSold as Single Units or Pack of 10
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