Kanger Dripbox Replacement Coil

  • Kanger Dripbox Replacement Coil
    Kanger Dripbox Replacement Coil
    Kanger DripBox Replacement Coil OverviewKanger said coil building can be difficult, so they released the Kanger Subdrip Replacement Coils for the DripBox. The pre-built Kanthal coil deck comes with 0.2 ohm resistance and uses pure Organic Cotton for superior flavor. Don't know how to build coils? no problem! With this pre-built coil deck you simply unscrew the old deck from the base of the Kanger Subdrip RDA and install the new coil deck once its time to be replaced. This deck also allows you to build your own coils as well as change wicks with ease if desired. Kanger DripBox Replacement Coil FeaturesPure TasteRebuildableKanthal Heating ElementResistance: 0.2 ohmJapanese Organic CottonSold as Single Unit or Pack of 3
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