Kanger K-kiss 6300 Mah Kit

  • Kanger K-kiss 6300 Mah Kit
    Kanger K-kiss 6300 Mah Kit
    Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit OverviewKanger has blown the minds of vapers around the world with the release of the ergonomic and innovative Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit. Kanger's new Mod stands at 83mm tall by 40mm wide and features a unique triangular chassis that ensures maximum comfort when handling this intuitive device.The Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit comes in four different colors: red, black, orange, and wood grain. Constructed from a superior Zinc and Aluminum Alloy, this device features a chassis that is lightweight and extremely durable. The K-Kiss kit is equipped with a direct voltage output, working much like a mechanical mod, but with the protective features of a regulated mod. Mechanical mods feature a direct power-output that provides maximum power to the atomizer on a freshly charged battery. As battery power depletes over time, so will the power that is supplied to the atomizer. Both cloud and flavor production are at their best with a freshly charged battery, and will slowly decrease over time with use. Regulated mods feature an adjustable power output that delivers a concise and consistent draw throughout the entirety of use, and implements safety features to protect the user from potential catastrophic failure. The Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit features a built-in 6300 mAh battery, which enables the user to vape excessively without the cumbersome need to charge the device for lengthy periods of time. This intuitive new device features a minimalist OLED battery life indicator that displays a bright "Five Block Image" to represent the mod's current battery life. The K-Kiss Mod displays a single-button interface that fires the device and powers the device with five rapid clicks in a row.The K-Kiss tank is a 4mL capacity top-filling atomizer that measures 24mm in diameter and provides a threaded top-fill system to promote quick and easy filling with its wide fill area. The K-Kiss Tank also features a double o-ring seal, ensuring the tank maintains the correct vacuum pressure to prevent any leakage and provide fast and painless filling. The K-Kiss tank includes four non-adjustable air slots and offers a draw that provides the perfect balance of cloud production and flavor. The K-Kiss Tank has been designed with a sturdy Stainless Steel 510 connector and a Gold plated 510 connection pin for maximum conductivity. All in all, the K-Kiss Tank has been meticulously designed to provide maximum satisfaction from first vape 'till last.The Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit comes pre-packaged with Kangertech's renown SSOCC coil system. The SSOCC coils are offered in a large variety of resistances and coil structures to provide a highly-enjoyable and customizable vaping experience to cater to all styles of vaping. Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit FeaturesDimensions: 40 x 131mmSingle Button OperationDirect Voltage OutputOutput Based on Resistance and Battery LifeMinimum Resistance: 0.15 ohmShort Circuit/Open Circuit/Over Time ProtectionBattery: 6300 mAh Internal CellLED Battery Life IndicatorPass Through TechnologyTank Capacity: 4.5mlTop Fill SystemQuad Adjustable AirflowSSOCC Coil System24K Gold Plated 510 ConnectionColors: Black, Orange, Red, Wood GrainKangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit Content1 x K-Kiss1 x 0.2 ohm SSOCC SS Vape Coil1 x Replacement Glass Tube1 x Micro USB Cable1 x Set of Seal Rings1 x User Manual Additional Information:Kangertech's all-new Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit promotes a unique and ergonomic setup that fits well in the hand, while promoting a size that is pocket-friendly and easy to store. This innovative kit includes: Kanger K-Kiss Mod, Kanger K-Kiss Sub-Ohm tank, User Manual, and a Micro USB charging port. The K-Kiss Mod features a 40mm wide by 83mm tall chassis that is triangular in construction, significantly standing out from the rest of the devices on the vape market today. The K-Kiss Mod is crafted out of a sturdy Zinc and Aluminum alloy, promoting Kanger's lightweight design that is ergonomic and surprisingly comfortable to handle.The powerful onboard K-Kiss chipset enables the device to operate with resistances as low as 0.15 ohms. Unlike your traditional "regulated device" that provides a consistent flow of electricity to the tank based on the current wattage settings, the K-Kiss produces vapor as it relates to the current resistance and battery power of the device. The K-Kiss will produce the most vapor on a fully charged battery, and slowly decrease in vapor production as the battery power slowly starts to deplete.The chipset also features a variety of safety features: Short Circuit Protection, Open Circuit Protection, and ten-second draw limit. The ten-second draw limit stops the device from firing after ten seconds to prevent any additional stress to the device. The K-Kiss features a super-charged 6300 mAh battery that will outlast many devices that use an internal battery on the market today, providing a long lasting battery that will not need to be charged as often as competing devices.The 6300 mAh battery is one of the largest batteries on the market today, currently making the Kangertech K-Kiss 6300 mAh Kit one of the longest lasting devices ever to be released to the vaping community. The K-Kiss Mod has the added bonus of a built-in Micro USB charging port which is easily accessible when you're on the go and can be plugged into any USB port that supports a maximum 1A charge rate. The K-Kiss features a built-in Overcharge Protection, allowing you to leave your device charging unattended as it will stop charging once the batteries have reached a full charge. Kanger kept it simple with the minimal OLED battery life indicator that displays five crisp blocks. Every block shown represents a 20% charge; when all blocks are displayed, the device has a full charge. When the device loses power, blocks will disappear in accordance with the device's current power levels. The K-Kiss has a single button on the front of the device that serves as the power button and doubles as a firing button, making the K-Kiss intuitive and easy to use.The K-Kiss Tank is an attractive sub-ohm tank that features a 24mm diameter and a hearty 4.5mL e-liquid capacity. The K-Kiss Tank has a threaded top-fill system that provides a wide filling area, promoting fast and easy filling that makes filling the tank painless and intuitive. The K-Kiss atomizer also has a double o-ring seal that ensures that the Vacuum Seal pressure will remain intact to prevent any accidental leakage. Kangertech also implements their innovative SSOCC coil system, which offers a large variety of coil resistances and enables the user to choose the perfect atomizer head, according to their exact vaping preferences. The SSOCC coils are all housed in a sturdy Stainless Steel shell and feature 100% organic cotton wicking (or Food Grade Ceramic). While the 100% organic cotton wicks produce a much cleaner and flavorful vapor, the Food Grade ceramic coils are known to outlast traditional coils around three to fives times longer. The K-Kiss Sub-Ohm tank is pre-installed with an SSOCC 0.2 ohm coil head. The tank also features four non-adjustable 6mm x 1.5mm air-slots that provide a great balance between billowing clouds and flavorful hits. Additionally, The K-Kiss offers an airflow profile that sits directly in the middle to promote a wide open and unrestricted draw.The K-Kiss tank is equipped with a shining Gold plated 510 connection pin to promote maximum conductivity and to ensure the best possible vaping experience.Kangertech released a gem for the vape community upon releasing The-Kiss Mod, thanks to its high-output flavor potential coupled with a unique, triangular design that feels good in the hand. This kit is ideal for beginner vapers that are looking to vape freely without having to face any kind of learning curve, as well as intermediate vapers who prefer to vape with a device that's intuitive, simple, and easy to use.
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