Kanger Series Replacement Coils

  • Kanger Series Replacement Coils
    Kanger Series Replacement Coils
    Kanger Series Replacement Coils OverviewThis is the new generation of Kanger Replacement Coils with a fully enclosed chimney and no exposed wicks. These vertical coil replacement heads are specifically made for Kanger Aerotank Mega, Kanger Aerotank Giant, Kanger Aerotank v2, but they will also fit Kanger ProTank 3, Mini ProTank 3, and AeroTank. The new design keeps these replacement coil heads leak and gurgle free while easily outperforming the competition. Kanger Series Replacement Coil FeaturesVertical CoilResistance: 1.2 ohms, 1.5 ohms, 1.8 ohmsSold in Pack of 5Kanger Series Replacement Coils are Compatible with the following TanksAeroTankAeroTank MiniAeroTank v2AeroTank GiantAeroTank MegaProTank 3Mini ProTank 3EVOD 2 T3DEVOD Glass
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