Eureka Cinabonez E-juice

  • Eureka Cinabonez E-juice
    Eureka Cinabonez E-juice
    Eureka Cinabonez E-Juice OverviewEureka's newest mouth-watering vape juice is a delicious rendition of the bakery-fresh classic that will make your taste buds happy and keep you wanting more! Beedy's e-liquid offers a glazed cinnamon roll e-juice that provides savory top-tones of a delightfully scented cinnamon flavor paired with soothing undertones of creamy and gooey glazed goodness. Vapers be warned, Beedy's e-juice has been known to raise roommates hopes and expectations of cinnamon roll baked awesomeness!Primary Flavors: Cinnamon RollPG/VG Ratio: 20/80
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