The Neighborhood Family E-juice

  • The Neighborhood Family E-juice
    The Neighborhood Family E-juice
    The Neighborhood Family E-JuiceThe Neighborhood unleashes their secret Family recipe, fulfilling our constant need for sugary satisfaction and sparing our waistline in the process. Introducing Family vape juice: A flaky Donut E-Juice that's infused with Cinnamon ice cream and smothered in rich Caramel syrup. Unlike your traditional dessert vape, the silky Cinnamon ice cream does not overpower the presence of fresh Donuts. During the inhale, gooey Caramel infuses with zesty Cinnamon. On the exhale, the simple pleasures of a warm donut rounds the experience out, becoming an encounter your taste-buds are unlikely to forget. Family is The Neighborhood's crowning achievement, proving to the world that it is possible to increase flavor without losing any of the small details.Primary Flavors: Ice Cream, Donut, CaramelPG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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