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Nicquid Sinthol E-juice

  • Nicquid Sinthol E-juice
    Nicquid Sinthol E-juice
    NicQuid Sinthol E-Juice OverviewNicQuid Sinthol E-Juice is a clash of the elements and not for those fearing adventure. It is a strong pairing of spicy cinnamon and refreshing menthol Additional Information: NicQuid vape juice is made from the finest GRAS, food grade artificial and natural flavorings. What you will never find in our e-liquid products are artificial dyes, artificial colors, added alcohol, or added water. To that, NicQuid e-liquids start and end with the best. NicQuip: Cinnamon's source was kept mysterious in the Mediterranean world for centuries by the middlemen who handled the spice trade, to protect their monopoly as suppliers. You may have to keep the same secrecy to keep your friends from grabbing your NicQuid Sinthol!Primary Flavors: Menthol, CinnamonPG/VG Ratio: 60/40
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