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Transistor Boo E-juice

  • Transistor Boo E-juice
    Transistor Boo E-juice
    Transistor Boo E-Juice OverviewTransistor's latest addition to their growing line of Blue-Label e-liquid provides a classical childhood favorite with flavor that's so spot-on it may scare you! Introducing Boo vape e-juice: a highly-enjoyable Blueberry vape that supports creamy cereal undertones and produces a mild throat hit. Upon first vape, your taste-buds are greeted with an unmistakably smooth blueberry flavor that's quieted by an all-encompassing creamy goodness. The sweet blueberry tones meld into the rich and creamy milk notes, blending together with flawless decadence to create a purely nostalgic flavor experience! If you enjoy that popular booberry flavor, don't miss out on Transistor's Boo vape juice!Primary Flavors: Blueberry, CreamPG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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