Transistor Rocket Reloaded E-juice

  • Transistor Rocket Reloaded E-juice
    Transistor Rocket Reloaded E-juice
    Transistor Rocket Reloaded E-Juice OverviewTransistor provides an exceptionally classy vape with Rocket Reloaded. Rocket Reloaded offers a soothing, Lemony Cheesecake vape that becomes incredibly difficult to put down. A soft Lemon inhale gently rolls over the taste-buds, ever reminding you of its slightly muted presence. During the exhale, the mild Lemon infuses with a sweet Cheesecake, brilliantly combining two flavors that could exist all on their own. In the end, you're left with an aftertaste that is as fruity as it is sweet. Transistor reminds us that creativity is rewarding, and their originality is strong. Rocket Reloaded raises the bar for Cheesecake enthusiasts, proving that you can combine two sophisticated flavors for the ultimate vape experience.Primary Flavors: Lemon, CheesecakePG/VG Ratio: 30/70
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