Large Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box

  • Large Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box
    Large Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box

    This Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box is made from high-quality bamboo and features a 100 micron mesh screen in the middle, to help filter the pollen from your herb. The filtered pollen is collected in the bottom catch tray the box, which is lined with a piece of tempered glass to make for easy collection

    The box features a soft felt bottom and removable top and bottom pieces, which are secured with high strength magnets to ensure that your herb & pollen is secure at all times. 

    • Bamboo wood construction
    • 100 micron mesh screen
    • Extra-strength magnets keep box secure
    • Soft felt bottom
    • Removable tempered tray for easy pollen collection
    • Dimension: 6 5/8" x 6 5/8" x 2 3/8"


    Note: we also have mini and medium sized sifter boxes, in both walnut and bamboo finishes!  Click here to see our full line of sifter boxes!

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