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Glas Glazed E-juice

  • Glas Glazed E-juice
    Glas Glazed E-juice
    Glas Glazed E-Juice OverviewGlas continues to show us that luxurious, world-class flavor can be extracted from even the most basic of simplistic treats. Glazed is an elegant expression of a sweet treat that we have been familiar with since time immemorial. The bright Madagascan vanilla bean undertones make this E-Juice an instant favorite; when combined with a magical melt-in-your-mouth style glazing, it comes as no surprise that this vape juice is devilishly hard to put down. With every vape, this Glazed Donut E-Juice brilliantly replicates the wonderful sensations that come with biting into a freshly baked Glazed Donut. Living up to their golden standard, Glas provides an irresistible E-Juice, offering vapers exceptional flavor that is as lavish as it is comforting.Primary Flavors: Glazed DonutPG/VG Ratio: 40/60
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