U-water Tool Adapter 14mm

  • U-water Tool Adapter 14mm
    U-water Tool Adapter 14mm

    The 14mm U-shaped water tool adapter was specifically built for the Ascent hand held vape. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands free use of loose leaf or oils. An included holder allows the vaporizer to remain in an upright position and provides continuous access to the vape chamber for easy filling or stirring. 

    Benefits include:


    • Mess free, hands free use for essential oils and loose leaf
    • Maintains the integrity of the glass on glass vapor path
    • Facilitates the cooling and rehydrating of vapor.


    Silicone sleeve for added strength of handheld vape included.

    Fits the Ascent Vaporizer and any standard water tool with an 14mm fitting. No need for additional adapters, just plug into your favorite water tool and start vaping.


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